Sedation Dentistry

Serving Buffalo, Lancaster, Orchard Park, New York

Dr. Larry Evola and the staff of Forestream Dental in the Buffalo, New York area realize that a trip to the dentist's office can be riddled with anxiety and fear for some people. In your first encounter with us, whether by phone, email or in person, our goal is to make you comfortable and relaxed with sedation dentistry.

Perhaps you had a traumatic experience with another dentist and now you're afraid it will happen again. Or maybe you have a sensitive gag reflex and it's hard to have x-rays taken or instruments in your mouth. You may have small children who are scared of the cleaning process.

Relaxed and free of pain

Now sedation dentistry is available to help you and your loved ones through a dental visit with no fear and even better, no pain. We believe it's one of the greatest dentistry advances in providing anxiety-free and pain-free treatment to our patients like you.

With sedation dentistry, you will be "under" just far enough to be relaxed and the local anesthetic will prevent you feeling any pain. Although you'll be alert enough to respond to requests, you probably won't have any memory of the treatment you receive that day.

Contact our Buffalo Area Sedation Dentist

If you have experienced fear and anxiety every time you scheduled a dentist appointment in the past, then it's time for you to call our sedation dentist and the Forestream Dental for a whole new experience. You'll find our office not really like an office but more like the comfort of your own living room.

And with sedation dentistry, we can make your next dental appointment relaxing and even enjoyable. If you live in Buffalo, Amherst, Lancaster, or Williamsville, New York, call or email us today to experience the Forestream Difference.