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Infographic: What Causes Bad Breath?Buffalo-area dentist Dr. Larry Evola and his staff at Forestream Dental have great news for our patients!

For those of you with bad breath, we have solutions. While there is a small percentage of bad breath cases that can't be treated, the vast majority of them can be treated with the BreathRX Fresh Breath System.

Dr. Bill Dorfman, a key developer in the BreathRX system, also founded the BreathRX company. You may have seen him on ABC's popular show, Extreme Makeover. Dr. Dorfman is a cosmetic dentist who understands the importance of fresh breath. Bad breath can affect self-esteem as well as relationships with others.

Bad Breath Causes

The BreathRX system is founded on the belief that bad breath is caused by waste products of bacteria found in the mouth and on the tongue. The bacteria waste products are called volatile sulfur compounds, or VSCs. The BreathRX system kills the bacteria causing VSCs, leaving behind clean, fresh breath. Other products on the market just mask the odor, rather than eliminating its cause.

BreathRX Components

There are three components to the BreathRX system:

  • Brushing - first brush your teeth with the BreathRX toothpaste. It is fluoride based and also has tartar control ingredients.
  • Scraping - get rid of the bacteria and bacteria waste products on the tongue. Your kit comes with a special tongue scraper for this purpose.
  • Rinsing - The BreathRX mouth rinse kills bacteria, washes away VSCs and also has a plaque-fighting agent.

All of these combined create a clean, healthy mouth with fresh breath!

If you have a problem with bad breath, contact our Buffalo-area office today. You can schedule a complimentary consultation with our Buffalo area dentist to discuss your situation. They, along with Dr. Evola, will determine the causes of your bad breath and the best way to treat it. We serve the areas of Buffalo, Amherst, Orchard Park, and Williamsville, New York.

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