Best Dental Insurance

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VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: I'm going to tell you about the best dental insurance there is, so stay tuned.

Probably the two most misunderstood words in dentistry are: Dental Insurance - because it's really not insurance at all. It's a benefit that can offer you wonderful services like annual cleaning and checkups, and perhaps offer partial payments on crowns, bridges and dentures. But here's the thing: Unlike health insurance, where patients pay the annual maximum, then the insurance company pays the rest, dental benefits are exactly the opposite. After the company pays a yearly maximum in a dental plan, the patient pays the rest. So it's not insurance, by definition. Now having said that, you should definitely take advantage of whatever benefits your plan offers. And if you have some dental issues, we will help you to maximize those benefits and work with you if you need to phase treatment and payments over time. We also offer discounts and other payment options to keep your smile healthy and strong. 

But the best dental insurance is simple: Come see us before an issue becomes a problem! Before a small cavity becomes big, before your teeth start to wear down because of a poor bite, or before small signs of periodontal disease become more serious. Come see us now, and in the long run you'll save time, pain and money.

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