4 Reasons to Not Put Off Your Cleaning

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Man brushing teeth isolated on whiteA good oral hygiene routine is essential for not just maintaining a healthy smile but your overall health as well. Along with frequent brushing and flossing, routine exams and cleaning by a dentist and oral hygienist will help prevent hidden oral health issues from arising and potentially becoming serious health concerns.

While brushing, flossing and a good mouthwash/rinse can reach most areas of your mouth and below the gum line, an oral hygienist and dentist will utilize specialized tools and techniques to reach nearly every part to remove unwanted plaque and tartar. Since this can be crucial for keeping bacteria growth at bay and preventing gingivitis and gum disease, there are several reasons why you should not put off your regular dental check-up and cleaning.

  • Helps prevent gum disease. Gum disease, and gingivitis, can quickly develop into a serious oral health concerns. However, it is largely preventable, especially with regular dental visits and cleanings.
  • Plaque quickly hardens into tartar. Even with regular brushing and flossing, plaque can build up in the small spaces between the teeth and under the gum line. As soon as 12 hours after not being cleared away, plaque can harden into tartar that is not only full of potentially harmful bacteria but is nearly impossible to remove without professional help and tools.
  • Save money. Regular cleaning and exams can help prevent serious oral diseases from developing or diagnose them early and require less invasive treatments. This can save a significant amount of money in the long run, as some of these diseases can require tooth extractions or implants.
  • Oral Cancer Screening. Although the soft tissues and mucous membranes of your gums and mouth are at the forefront of keeping many pathogens out of your body, they are susceptible to damage, both external and cellular. During the exam, your dentist will check the tissues in your mouth to check for oral cancers and refer you to a specialist if needed.

One of the best ways to maintain good health both in your mouth and overall is to have a good oral hygiene routine, including regular cleanings and check-ups. Dr. Evola and the team at Forestream Dental in Depew, NY, will provide expert care and help you maintain a great oral health regimen. Contact us at 716-656-8686, or visit www.forestreamdental.com for a consultation, today.