Aging and its Effects on Teeth

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Regardless of how good your preventive dental care routine, your teeth will eventually begin to show signs of aging.

New York dentist Dr. Larry Evola can help you protect your teeth and your oral health as you age. At Forestream Dental, we can also help you reverse some of the natural signs of aging, such as discolored teeth.

One of the most obvious effects of aging on teeth is the combined impact of the gradual erosion of enamel and the accumulation of plaque, which results in teeth discoloration. In many instances, a professional teeth whitening treatment can restore a bright, youthful smile.

Some of the effects of aging on teeth are not merely cosmetic. With age, conditions such as tooth decay and periodontal disease can also take their toll, causing teeth to shift, gums to weaken and, in some cases, teeth to fall out or require extraction.

There are also dentistry treatments for these conditions. A thorough dental exam with Buffalo, New York, dentist Dr. Larry Evola can help determine a personally customized treatment for your unique needs.

If you have severely stained teeth that are also chipped or crooked, you may benefit from porcelain veneers. If your teeth are decayed or you’re seeking to replace metal amalgam fillings, porcelain fillings may be ideal.

If a missing tooth or missing teeth have diminished your smile’s function and beauty, you may be a candidate for dental implants. Even if you practice a quality dental hygiene routine, age will eventually affect your teeth; fortunately, there are dental treatments to help you maintain a vibrant, healthy smile as you age.

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