Allergies…or TMD?

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Woman rubbing eyes in bed. Headache

TMD, also known as TMJ, may refer to any number of issues causing misalignment of the jaw. While the cause is not always known, TMD may be caused by trauma, stress, malocclusion, and even bad dental work.

Many of the symptoms of TMD occur in and around the jaw. These include clicking and popping noises when you bite and chew, pain and swelling around the jaw joints, and mobility issues. These symptoms may prompt a call to the dentist because they seem to be related to the jaw. However, there are some symptoms of TMD that may not be quite so obvious.

Generalized Facial Pain

Two of the most common symptoms of TMD are chronic headaches and generalized facial pain. In some cases, this pain is focused behind the eyes or in the ears – making them similar to those you may experience with allergy congestion. TMD does not require allergens, however, to cause pain, making it important that any lasting symptoms be brought to the attention of an experienced neuromuscular dentist.

Jaw misalignment places pressure on the trigeminal nerve, the largest of the cranial nerves, which has branches the feed sensation in the sinuses, palate, behind the eyes, and into the ears. Pressure placed on this nerve can travel through any of these branches causes significant discomfort. Only by restoring proper alignment and relieving pressure on this nerve can true relief be found.  

Treating TMD

At Forestream Dental, Dr. Larry Evola utilizes advanced techniques to diagnose and treat TMD. Options may include muscle relaxation with a TENS unit, restorative dentistry, neuromuscular orthodontics, or an occlusal guard to be worn while you sleep. In some cases, multiple treatment modalities are used to ensure optimal results. We will discuss which options are ideal for your needs during your time in our care.

Dr. Evola is an experienced and caring neuromuscular dentist who was trained in TMJ Dentistry and other advanced dentistry techniques at LVI Global, where he is one of only a handful of dentists in the nation to have achieved Fellow status. If you are struggling with TMD, please call (716) 656-8686 to schedule a consultation today.