Three Holiday Reasons Healthy Smiles Trump Store-Bought Cosmetics

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What lady doesn’t love a great lipstick? But most especially during the holidays, when we smile long and often, Buffalo Dentist Dr. Larry Evola can attest to the fact that no store-bought cosmetic can take the place of bright, healthy teeth.

So here are three reasons to continue to practice great dental hygiene at the holidays, or capitalize on the season to address your dental health concerns with either a regular checkup or a more proactive cosmetic dentistry procedure.

Holiday Smile Tip No. 1: Smiling Eases Anxiety. Studies show that the simple act of smiling can calm your nerves and ease environmental tension. In other words, smiling is the ultimate icebreaker.

Holiday Smile Tip No. 2: Smiling Maintains Youth. It reduces blood pressure, boosts endorphins and serotonin, and promotes positive mental health and a forward-thinking outlook.

Holiday Smile Tip No. 3: Smiling Attracts Suitors. When out at party or a night on the town, an overwhelming percentage of singles report that they are most likely to talk to confront someone who smiled at them. Singles also report that a smile tops their list of sexy characteristics… Even a “hot bod” can’t beat a great smile in the dating game!

If a dental health issue is keeping your from smiling during the holidays, please contact Forestream Dental online or call our office directly at716-656-8686 to book an appointment to pursue cosmetic dentistry solutions with Buffalo Dentist Dr. Larry Evola.