What Can Mom, Dad do for Healthy Kid Teeth? Six Dentist Tips

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Families should know that diligent dental hygiene early in life will build to a healthful, daily teeth- and gum-care ritual throughout life.

Here are six tips from your Buffalo-area dentist to insure that kids develop this essential personal care habit.

  • Children are most likely to become accustomed to regular tooth brushing after mom and dad have brushed for them and with them from a very young age.
  • Show kids how to brush both the front and back sides of their teeth, in addition to brushing their tongue.
  • Make brushing fun for kids with a tooth-brushing song or sticker reward chart.
  • Children respond well to predictable routines. Make tooth brushing a part of your child’s day by doing it at the same two times each day: once in the morning after getting out of bed and again in the evening just before bed. Brushing before bed also can become part of a “sleepy time” ritual that sets up your child for restful, restorative sleep.
  • Fluoride is important because it strengthens tooth enamel and prevents cavities. After introducing a mild fluoride toothpaste, be wary of children attempting to swallow that toothpaste. Kids who ingest too much fluoride in this manner can develop a condition called fluorosis, which causes them to have spotted teeth.
  • Flossing may also be necessary, particularly when kids have teeth growing very close together. Floss around kids’ teeth as you would your own; some parents find that dental flossers are easier to use with kids than tooth floss string.

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