Can Stains Underneath Tooth Enamel be Whitened?

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Stains underneath tooth enamel can seriously detract from the quality of your smile. Worse still, most of these stains will not respond to topical tooth whitening solutions. In fact, topical solutions, even those offered by Buffalo cosmetic dentist Dr. Larry Evola, can accentuate the severity of these stains by lightening surrounding areas.

If you have stains underneath the enamel of your teeth, the best thing to do is visits Dr. Evola for a cosmetic dentistry consultation. Dr. Evola can customize a treatment solution based on the cause and severity of your stains to help ensure consistently attractive results.

Options for Deep Staining

One of the best ways to address discoloration caused by medications or fluoridation is porcelain veneers. Placed over the front of your teeth, veneers cover deep staining and discoloration. As an added benefit, these wafer-thin cosmetic veneers are custom made to fit seamlessly into your smile, enabling them to address a variety of aesthetic imperfections and produce a flawlessly beautiful look.

During your cosmetic dentistry consultation Dr. Evola will listen attentively to your concerns, carefully examine your teeth and gums, and help you determine which treatments are best suited to perfect your smile.

To learn more about your cosmetic dentistry options in the Buffalo area of New York, please contact Forestream Dental Group today. Dr. Evola provides personalized cosmetic dentistry treatments for men and women living in Buffalo, Lancaster, and surrounding areas from our convenient Depew location.