Complete Smile Restoration

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A smile makeover is a comprehensive service that uses a combination of general, restorative, and cosmetic treatments to completely renovate the smile. With this option, all of the functional and aesthetic issues impacting your smile can be corrected at the same time, which can help to reduce overall recovery and allow you to enjoy your newly beautified smile in a much shorter period of time.

A smile makeover will focus primarily on functional and aesthetic issues. General dental problems such as tooth infections or gum disease will need to be addressed before restorative treatments are started. Once your teeth and gums are free of disease and infection, improving the appearance of your smile can begin.

Restorative treatments are designed to address functional issues with the smile. Options that may be included in a smile makeover include dental implants, dental bridges, porcelain crowns, dentures, and partials. These services are primarily used to replace missing teeth, though crowns can be used to protect teeth that have been weakened through decay or trauma, helping to prevent tooth loss.

Smile Makeover Treatment Options

Cosmetic Options

General and restorative services help prepare the teeth for cosmetic treatments designed to optimize their appearance. Popular smile makeover options that can help produce a beautiful smile include:

  • Teeth Whitening
  • Porcelain Veneers
  • Dental Bonding

In some instances, orthodontic options like Invisalign® may prove useful for restructuring the smile as well. During your free smile makeover consultation, Dr. Evola will carefully evaluate your bite and provide information on all of your treatment options.

At Forestream Dental, we believe patients should be involved in the design of their smile makeovers. We will work directly with you, listen to your desires, and customize your treatment plan to address your specific concerns.

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