Dental Sedation and Cosmetic Dentistry

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Buffalo Sedation Dentist | Cosmetic DentistSedation dentistry is a safe and effective way to achieve complete relaxation prior to your procedure at our Buffalo area office. Dr. Evola offers different types of sedation, each designed to relieve anxiety, calm nervousness, and produce optimal comfort before and during your treatment.

Our sedation dentistry options can be used for any service we offer, from general cleanings and examinations to complete smile makeovers. If anxiety or fear of discomfort is a deciding factor in your not seeking cosmetic treatments, it may be time to schedule a consultation with Dr. Evola to discuss sedation dentistry and learn if this service can help you reach your oral health and beauty goals.

Cosmetic dentistry focuses primarily on the appearance of the teeth, though many cosmetic services will also help restore strength and function to the smile. If your smile is unappealing or if issues such as broken teeth, missing teeth, or irregular bite alignment are impacting the function and appearance of your smile, Dr. Evola can customize a cosmetic dentistry treatment plan that addresses all of your concerns during a single procedure.

Because more comprehensive cosmetic work can take a bit longer than treatments like dental fillings or teeth whitening, people who may not consider sedation under routine circumstances may feel compelled to look into the option. During your initial consultation, Dr. Evola will happily discuss sedation if it is appropriate for your needs or if he feels it would be beneficial due to the length of your procedure.

Sedation dentistry is not necessary for every patient, but it is a wonderful solution for those whose needs it serves. If you have avoided seeking cosmetic treatments for your smile’s imperfections due to anxiety or dental phobia, please call 716-656-8686 to schedule a consultation at Forestream Dental today. Located in Depew, we serve Buffalo and all surrounding areas of New York.