Four Wedding and Event Teeth Whitening Tips

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Summertime is a popular season for Buffalo NY-area cosmetic dentistry patients to seek out teeth whitening.Roughly a third of all American weddings happen between June and September, which means this is a popular time for patients of our Buffalo, New York-area cosmetic dentistry practice to seek out teeth whitening and other smile improvements.

Here are four things that the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry believes you should keep in mind before making teeth whitening plans — the No. 1 most in-demand cosmetic dentistry treatment — in advance of a wedding or other special event.

  • Special Event Teeth Whitening Tip No. 1: A dentist's professional teeth whitening kit, either administered in-office or at home, is superior to store-bought teeth whitening products in quality and effectiveness.
  • Special Event Teeth Whitening Tip No. 2: Using a dentist for teeth whitening means you can more perfectly match the shade of your teeth.
  • Special Event Teeth Whitening Tip No. 3: Tooth colors should work in conjunction with your skin tone and eye color. Go too bright, or "over-whiten" your teeth, and you risk projecting a "Hollywood white smile" that distracts onlookers from your face as a whole.
  • Special Event Teeth Whitening Tip No. 4: In-office whitening tends to be focused on only the front teeth, or "smile zone," which makes it an ideal companion to take-home teeth whitening kits. The two together promise the most effective and attractive results.

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