Get Your Child’s Teeth Cleaned Before School Starts

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Back to School Teeth Cleaning

The first day of school in Depew is September 9th, giving you just enough time to schedule a professional cleaning and examination for your child before school starts. Twice yearly cleanings are an important part of maintaining a strong and healthy smile – and this is no exception for children. Scheduling these visits during vacations, such as summer or winter break, prevents having to pull your child out of school for their appointment, helping to minimize education interruptions.

Pediatric Dentistry

At Forestream Dental, we are pleased to offer a full range of pediatric dentistry services. These include routine cleanings and examinations along with fluoride treatments and sealants that can help protect your child’s teeth from decay and infection. Gentle and patient, Dr. Evola also utilizes advanced technology such as digital x-rays and the DIAGNOdent laser to detect cavities, and offers safe and non-toxic tooth-colored fillings to address decay when it is present.

Early dental visits serve the dual purpose of keeping your child’s mouth healthy and instilling a sense of confidence in professional dental care. This can help reduce discomfort and anxiety, and set the groundwork for a lifelong commitment to oral health.

Services for Teens and Young Adults

We provide family dentistry services that go beyond basic care for older teens and young adults. As children grow, we can provide age-specific educational services along with preventive care such as thorough cleanings and examinations. We offer fresh breath treatment, routine oral health maintenance, and advanced services such as Invisalign® to address issues often experienced in adolescence. Dr. Evola and our caring staff take time to understand the needs of each individual and provide personalized care to help ensure optimal comfort and results.

The No Judgement Zone

Forestream Dental is a No Judgement Zone. It doesn’t matter how long it has been since you or your child’s last visit. It doesn’t matter what work you have or have not had done. We care about helping you and your family achieve the strongest and most attractive smile possible – and we do this without shaming or embarrassing our patients.

 Welcoming, safe, and thoughtful, Forestream Dental cares deeply about each patient we see. Please call our office at 716-656-8686 to schedule an appointment today.