New York Adults Seek More Dental Care

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69.4 percent of adults in New York State report having seen a dentist for oral hygiene maintenance in the past year. According to Gallup, a national average of 64.7 adults maintained at least one routine appointment last year, placing New York nearly five percentage points above average.

Buffalo dentist Dr. Larry Evola strongly recommends our patients maintain regularly scheduled dental visits. Not only do these visits allow us to professionally clean and polish your teeth, they allow Dr. Evola to detect early signs of dental health issues – enabling him to provide treatment before serious problems occur.

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Tooth Loss

Keiser Family Foundation reports that states in which the fewest number adults routinely visit the dentist have the largest number of adults who are missing all of their teeth. In New York, that number is 14.7 percent. In Mississippi, where only 58.1 percent of adults report visiting the dentist last year, nearly 30 percent of the adult population is toothless. There is no question that failure to seek general dental care plays a significant role in this and many other avoidable oral health issues.

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