Relief From Severe TMD

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Man feels pain in middle ear, meningitis and hearing lossChronic headaches, migraines, or pain in the neck and jaw are common symptoms in almost everyone. Although these may go away on their own, they may be caused by a dental issue that needs to be corrected or treated to achieve relief.

When you close your jaw, your teeth and jawbone need to be precisely aligned to reduce unneeded stress placed on the teeth and the muscles around your face and neck. A misalignment of the jawbone is called Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMD) and can cause a wide range of symptoms and, if left untreated, severe pain or even damage to teeth.

The symptoms of TMD, also known as TMJ, mimic many other disorders and conditions. A skilled and knowledgeable dentist like Dr. Evola can accurately diagnose whether your symptoms result from TMD. Dr. Evola can also begin treatments that successfully reduce and eliminate the pain caused by TMD.

As the only fully trained neuromuscular dentist in western New York, Dr. Evola uses advanced imaging and computer technology to see exactly how your jaw is misaligned and develop a treatment plan for your jaw and alignment.

One of the most successful treatments uses the TENS system, which uses gentle electrical signals to cause specific muscles to painlessly relax. By placing these on specific parts of your jaw, Dr. Evola targets the muscles causing the misalignment. Depending on the severity of your TMD, these treatments can take between 30 and 60 minutes.

Along with reducing the pain and discomfort caused by TMD, helping realign your jaw and bite will also help prevent unneeded stress and wear on your teeth and keep them healthy and without cracked enamel.

Don't continue to live with chronic pain in your jaw or neck. Dr. Evola's knowledge and skills gained with his training in neuromuscular dentistry at the Last Vegas Institute will provide an accurate diagnosis if the pain is caused by a jaw misalignment and can begin treatment immediately. Call Forestream in Depew, NY, at 716-565-8686 or visit.