Teeth Whitening: At Home or the Dentist's?

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With all the different options for teeth whitening that are available to you, it can be difficult to figure out which one will best match your budget and dental needs. Many patients who come to our Buffalo dental office are unsure of the difference between various teeth whitening options. To help these patients, Forestream Dental has created a guide to deciding whether you should have your whitening procedure done at our office or in your home.

Of all the cosmetic dental procedures that can be done in the dentist's office, teeth whitening can give you the most noticeable results in the shortest amount of time. The process requires no surgery, no wearable devices, and no more than 60 minutes to complete. And thanks to the stain-removing power of Opalescence® BOOST, you can be sure that your teeth will be noticeably whiter at the end of the procedure.

You should get your teeth whitening done at the dentist's office if:

  • You want the whitest possible smile you can get
  • You have very deep stains on your teeth that you would like removed
  • You want your teeth to look their whitest as soon as possible
  • You can deal with increased sensitivity in your teeth for 24 hours

The in-office process is quick and effective, but many of our patients prefer to get their teeth whitened in the comfort of their own home. For this reason, our Buffalo cosmetic dentistry offices continue to offer take-home teeth whitening kits, which allow you to take charge of the whitening process. Best of all, our office creates custom trays to match your teeth, giving you a better whitening experience than over-the-counter whitening products!

You should get your teeth whitened using a take-home kit if:

  • Your teeth only require a moderate amount of whitening
  • You want better whitening results than over-the-counter whitening strips can offer
  • Your teeth don't need to be at their whitest for at least a month
  • You have extremely sensitive teeth that might hurt after an in-office whitening

Whether you would prefer an in-office or at-home teeth whitening solution, Forestream Dental can help you achieve optimal results at a reasonable price. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Evola at our Buffalo-area offices, call 716-656-8686.