TMJ, Headaches and How Your Buffalo Dentist can Help

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Recurring headaches that may feel like migraines are one of the most common symptoms of temporomandibular joint disorder (often referred to as TMJ or TMD). A bite condition, misaligned jaw or other dental issues can place pressure on the sensitive network of nerves, joints, muscles, tendons and bones in the connective region between your skull and your mandible (lower jaw); this can result in severe headaches and other chronic symptoms.

Neuromuscular dentist Dr. Larry Evola has extensive experience helping patients relieve the painful effects of TMJ/TMD by diagnosing and treating the source, rather than just the symptoms. If you suffer from regular, unexplained headaches, please call Forestream Dental at 716-656-8686 to schedule your consultation. Dr. Evola and our friendly team welcome patients from the greater Buffalo, Lancaster, Orchard Park and Depew, New York, areas.

Because headaches and other TMJ/TMD symptoms can be vague and associated with other conditions, TMJ/TMD is often overlooked by general physicians. Neuromuscular dentistry takes a comprehensive approach to treating TMJ/TMD.

Some patients benefit from transcutaneous electrical neural stimulation (TENS), which uses mild electric current to relax your facial muscles and allow your jaw to settle in its natural resting position. Other patients may find success with a custom-made oral appliance similar to a sports mouthguard, which is worn while you sleep to help hold your jaw in position and encourage a proper bite. Those with TMJ/TMD related to more pronounced bite conditions may need orthodontics or clear braces to align their teeth.

If you experience chronic headaches along with jaw pain, difficulty biting and chewing, neck and shoulder discomfort, and difficulty getting your jaw to remain in a comfortable position, please contact Forestream Dental today. Dr. Evola is proud to help patients from the Buffalo, Lancaster, Orchard Park and Depew areas find long-lasting relief to TMJ/TMD pain.