Want to Look Great in Pictures? Three Dentist Tips

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Back-to-school time means more than buying new clothes and supplies for the Buffalo, New York and Depew-area families served by Forestream Dental’s General Dentistry and Pediatric Dentistry practice.

A fresh school year also means that students and school faculty members will sit for fresh pictures.

But for people who know feel less than confident about their smiles, taking pictures can be terrifying.

Here are three tips for cracking the best possible smile next time you’re in front of the camera and someone insists that you, “Say cheese!”

  • Glamour Puss Photo Tip: For the pout perfected by Hollywood starlets, gently twist or pucker your lips while revealing your teeth. Lip balm (or gloss for gals) helps, too.
  • Pretend Face Lift Photo Tip: To avoid unsightly double chins, subtly pivot your chin in one direction and your shoulders in the opposite direction. Also, make sure the camera snaps you at or above eye level.
  • Couldn’t Care Less Photo Tip: Photographers faced with subjects who freeze up for pictures like the proverbial deer in headlights agree on one word of advice: Act natural. If standing and smiling is altogether too awkward, consider doing something fun or funny like hopping on one foot or playfully sticking out your tongue. Even in posed school pictures, it may be more natural to glance slightly off-camera or focus on something in the background rather than simply sitting and smiling for the photographer.

When dental health issues making picture-taking uncomfortable, please contact Forestream Dental online or call (719) 656-8686 to explore Restorative Dentistry and Cosmetic Dentistry procedures such as Dental Implants or Teeth Whitening. Dr. Larry Evola and his team at Forestream Dental proudly serve patients in and around Buffalo, Lancaster, Orchard Park and Depew, New York