Want to Look and Feel Younger? Pamper Your Smile

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Turn back the clock with a gorgeous, healthy smile by contacting Forestream Dental today for an appointment with our Buffalo NY-area cosmetic dentist.Each person has his or her own reasons for seeking out cosmetic dentistry services like those available from Buffalo-area dentist Dr. Larry Evola at Forestream Dental in Depew, New York.

But there’s one reason that’s becoming ever more common among cosmetic dentistry patients nationwide, according to industry research: Anti-aging strategy.

There are an array of tools and techniques now available to improve the beauty and functionality of a person’s smile. That means that cosmetic dentistry can provide a new lease on life for people who have long masked their faces and avoided smiling out of shame or embarrassment over crooked, cracked, discolored or missing teeth.

What’s more, today’s cosmetic dentistry procedures can so vastly improve a patient’s jaw function and profile, which is why people who undergo complete smile makeovers often liken the aesthetic transformation to a surgical facelift.

If that’s not enough of a reason to book a consultation with Dr. Evola, consider these statistics from the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry:

  1. In a recent survey, nearly half of respondents agreed that a person’s most attractive feature is their smile.
  2. A great smile has more power than any other physical attribute to defy a person’s actual age.
  3. Other physical traits fail to have the same lasting impact on others as our smiles.

Regardless of your age, Dr. Evola can evaluate your dental health needs and devise an individual treatment plan just for you.

When you’re ready to find out how a gorgeous smile can help you look and feel younger, please contact Forestream Dental to schedule your next appointment with our Buffalo-area cosmetic dentist: 716-656-8686.