What Can Be Done About Coffee Stains?

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Can I Drink Coffee and Still Have White Teeth?Millions of New Yorkers drink coffee daily and, during National Coffee Month, fans of our nation's favorite beverage can find giveaways and other perks at local coffee shops throughout the Buffalo area. But before you increase your consumption in celebration of this darkly colored delight, give some thought to how you can deal with the staining that will inevitably follow.

The truth is, coffee stains teeth. It doesn’t matter if you take it regular or black, if you drink coffee, your teeth are going to stain. And if you add sugar, you are piling on potential damage. But all is not unavoidable-tooth-staining when it comes to coffee. There are steps you can take to mitigate and even reverse tooth staining from coffee - and the first and easiest is simply drinking water.

Water helps wash stains from teeth before they set. Drinking it throughout the day can also help prevent issues such as dry mouth and may even help prevent cavities. Besides which, being hydrated is essential for overall health, making it a good idea to drink water regularly throughout the day in any event.

In addition to drinking water, you can help prevent stains from coffee by brushing your teeth after you drink it. Wait for about 30 minutes, allowing your saliva to neutralize some of the more viscous acids, but don’t skip this step. Brushing your teeth is the best way to prevent staining from all sources.

Routine visits to our office can further help remove surface stains. During your biannual visits, we clean and polish the teeth to restore their luster. If this effort is not enough to fully whiten teeth, we also offer a range of cosmetic services that can be used to address deeper and more concerning stains.

Dr. Evola provides tooth whitening both in-office and through personalized take-home kits. In-office services can lighten teeth up to ten shades in just one hour. Take-home kits can accomplish similar results, but are used on your schedule and in the comfort of your own home. During your next visit to our office, we can help you determine which may best meet your needs.

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