Whitening Your Teeth at Home

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White teeth are an undeniably important aspect of perfect smiles. However, maintaining white teeth can be incredibly difficult. Daily brushing, minimizing your intake of dark foods and sugary beverages, refraining from tobacco use, and visiting our Buffalo dentist Dr. Larry Evola every six months for professional cleanings can help keep teeth white, but are not always enough. This makes teeth whitening an ideal option for many of our patients.

Dr. Evola is pleased to offer the most advanced take-home teeth whitening kits available today. Opalescence® Take-Home Tooth Whitening Kits come with customized applicator trays, allowing them to evenly whiten every tooth in your mouth. What’s more, the bleaching solution used in this teeth whitening kit is professional strength, allowing for exquisite and long-lasting results.

In addition to take-home kits, Dr. Evola provides in-office teeth whitening with Opalescence® BOOST. This treatment can whiten teeth in as little as one hour while also strengthening tooth enamel, reducing sensitivity, and helping prevent cavities. In-office treatment is often complemented by take-home kits for longer-lasting results. This will be discussed in more detail during your teeth whitening consultation with Dr. Evola.

If you are looking for an effective and long-lasting teeth whitening solution, please contact Forestream Dental today. Dr. Evola serves Lancaster, Orchard Park, and surrounding New York areas from our conveniently located Buffalo office.