Who Has Time for Banana Peel Teeth Treatments?

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In Buffalo, people are going to great lengths to achieve teeth whitening results. While everyone wants to be able to show off their own beautiful smile, the best teeth whitening results will always be found in your dentist’s office.

Home Remedies vs. Professional Treatments

One recent internet article suggests using banana peels to whiten teeth and save money. While this sounds easy at first, the story goes on to explain that you need to rub banana peels on your teeth for ten minutes followed by dry brushing with a toothbrush before brushing with toothpaste. The results may or may not be evident after weeks of following this daily ordeal. The article adds that there is no scientific evidence to back the effectiveness of this approach, so it’s pretty likely to be a lot of work for nothing!

On the other hand, professional teeth whitening with our Buffalo-area dentist is both proven effective and far less time consuming. Your teeth can be safely whitened at home using customized trays that allow the bleaching solution to contact every part of your teeth, and only your teeth. In-office treatments are also available. Our customized approach offers the best results available.

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