Why TMD is so Commonly Misdiagnosed and Might be at the Root of Other Issues

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woman suffering from tooth sensitivityOne of the most common disorders of the jaw and mouth, one affecting millions of people in the U.S. alone, Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction (TMD) can cause a wide variety of symptoms from headaches and migraines to loose teeth and even numbness and tingling in arms and fingers.

A skilled and knowledgeable neuromuscular dentist must correctly diagnose and treat TMD. Since the symptoms caused by TMD also result from many other disorders or injuries, TMD is often ignored as a primary cause. While the diagnosis and treatment may temporarily relieve the symptoms, the root cause of TMD will not be addressed.

As one of only two dentists in New York state trained by the Las Vegas Institute for Advance Dental studies to treat TMD, Dr. Evola can determine if TMD might be causing the symptoms and discomfort you are having.

Although TMD can cause a wide variety of symptoms, TMD itself is a relatively simple disorder that appears as a notable misalignment of your upper and lower jaw. Your body then constantly tries to realign the jaw, causing strain and compression on the complex network of muscles and nerves around your mouth.

During your exam, Dr. Evola will use some of the most advanced technology available, including mandibular scanners, electrosonography, and electromyography, to accurately diagnose TMD as the cause of your main symptoms and develop the best treatment plan for you.

Depending on how your jaw is misaligned or how severe the TMD is, Dr. Evola will determine the best treatment method to correct your TMD and alleviate your symptoms permanently. Since Dr. Evola is fully trained in neuromuscular dentistry, the only dentist in western New York state with such credentials, he will determine not just the most successful treatment but also one that is least invasive.

If you are suffering from pain, especially in your neck or jaw, or other neurological symptoms that have not been correctly diagnosed and addressed, call Dr. Evola and Forestream Dental in Depew, NY, at 716-656-8686, or visit www.forestreamdental.com, to see if TMD might be the cause.