Will I Lose My Tooth After A Root Canal?

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Man with dental floss.A good oral hygiene routine is needed to keep a healthy mouth and smile. Even with a good regimen, tooth decay and other issues can still develop. Good oral health can also help prevent other health conditions from developing.

Each of our teeth has a soft inner area protected by the hard outer layer of enamel. Around each tooth, our gums form a seal between the root area and the rest of the mouth. However, bacteria and infections can still form in this root area. This can create significant amounts of pain and may affect the appearance of your smile.

In severe cases, this infection can find its way into the tooth's root. A root canal is generally recommended to completely resolve the condition and prevent other issues.

A root canal procedure takes around an hour to complete in the dentist's office. Once the tooth is numb, your dentist will drill a small hole through the enamel of the affected tooth to extract the infected pulp and root. The root area is then filled with a special filling before the enamel is sealed.

Although the root canal removes the pulp, root, and nerve of the affected tooth, the tooth will still function normally and require the same amount of dental care. In general, root canals rarely lead to requiring extraction of the tooth.

However, tooth extraction may be required to fully resolve the infection or dental issue if a root canal is delayed. The procedure does not require a specific recovery period or downtime, but many people take a few days to rest as any pain from the procedure subsides.

Early detection of oral issues is essential for effective and minimally impactful treatment and the best chance of success. Do not wait to see if the tooth pain goes away or gets worse. Call Forestream Dental in Depew, NY, at 716-656-8686, or visit www.forestreamdental.com to schedule a comprehensive oral exam today.