Chelsea's Testimonial for Dr. Larry Evola

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Chelsea's teeth were too small and her gums were too big. Her mom read about laser contouring and thought it might be a good idea for her daughter.

I wanted my teeth to be bigger. It was just something I saw in the mirror that I didn't like. ...  Before I would never smile in pictures, but now I do. I was always self-concious about it. Now I'm more confident about my smile.

Dr. Evola had this to say when discussing Chelsea's smile makeover, "It took a while, but we finally convinced them to come in and let us take a look. When we saw [Chelsea] we knew we could help her. It was a relatively simple procedure, just using a laser to resculpt the excess gum tissue that made her teeth look very, very short. Once we did the procedure she was really really excited for senior pictures."

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