Oral Hygiene Maintenance

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Although having a beautiful smile is important, the primary goal of Buffalo-area dentist Dr. Larry Evola at Forestream Dental is to improve the overall health of your oral hygiene. Crowded or crooked teeth, bad bites and insufficient oral hygiene can lead to:

Dr. Larry Evola and his staff at Forestream Dental believe in educating patients on the importance of oral hygiene. We aim to prevent extensive dental work with early diagnosis and treatment. The happier and healthier our patients are, the more successful our practice becomes.

Proper oral hygiene and maintenance are vital to a healthy smile.

Our highly trained hygienists are among the elite in the profession. Their expert care and concern are reflected in the positive results our patients receive. During your first visit, we will explain our hygiene procedures and treatment programs and educate you on proper oral hygiene techniques that can help you have healthy teeth and gums. We can also help educate small children so they have a good start to a lifetime of healthy teeth.

Good Dental Hygiene Habits

Here are four main habits we believe are essential to maintaining good oral hygiene:

  1. Brush your teeth thoroughly with an ADA-accepted fluoride toothpaste and a soft-bristled brush twice a day, or more often if your dentist advises.
  2. Clean between your teeth using floss or an interdental cleaner once a day.
  3. Eat a well-balanced diet, limiting between-meal snacks.
  4. Visit your dentist regularly for checkups and cleanings. We recommend at least every six months, sometimes more often if you have special appliances.

Improve Your Oral Health

Here are some other suggestions to improve your oral health:

  • Replace toothbrushes when they start to show wear
  • Replace toothbrushes after an illness
  • Brush or scrap your tongue (with a specially designed tool) to rid it of harmful bacteria and improve your breath
  • Don't over brush as this can cause damage to your gums
  • If you tend to over brush, use a sonic toothbrush that requires little to no pressure

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