Pediatric Dentistry for Children

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At Forestream Dental, located in the Buffalo area, we provide dentistry services for the entire family, starting with even the youngest members. It's important to start good oral hygiene when your children are still toddlers and build a lifetime of good habits and healthy teeth.

Starting Dental Care Early

As soon as they get their first tooth, you should start a routine of regular brushing before bedtime. (It's best to avoid nursing your baby to sleep or letting them go to bed with a bottle.) You can use a washcloth or a baby-sized soft tooth brush and brush their gums and teeth softly. You can start with just water and then gradually add fluoride-free toothpaste made especially for babies. When they have teeth that are adjacent, then you can gently start flossing them to get into the habit.

We recommend that your child have their first dental visit between the ages of one and two.

Pediatric Dental Aids

Dr. Evola and the rest of the staff at Forestream Dental want you and your children's visits to the dentist to be positive ones. As much as possible, we practice "preventative dentistry" so that we avoid as many dental problems, like cavities, as possible.

  • DIAGNOdent laser - The DIAGNOdent laser is a diagnostic device that can detect pits and areas on teeth that will become cavities. It essentially detects cavities before they are cavities so that we can prevent the cavity from developing.
  • Sealants - If the DIAGNOdent detects an area that is cavity-prone, we can clean the area very well and then put on a sealant to prevent any future damage. We also recommend sealants for molars when they first emerge.
  • Air abrasion - One of the best advances in dentistry for children is the air abrasion machine. If and when the time comes that your child needs to have a cavity treated, this machine very precisely "sandblasts" decay off a tooth's surface and readies it for a sealant or composite filling. Best suited for minor decay, air abrasion eliminates the need for a scary drill for the children (and adults too, for that matter.)

We use these techniques and aids to keep your child comfortable and anxiety-free while visiting the dentist. We also have a play area for them in our reception area to keep them busy until their appointment time arrives.

Forestream Dental, located in the Buffalo, Amherst, Lancaster, or Williamsville, New York area, is dedicated to making dental care a pleasant experience for every member of the family. To schedule your child's first or next pediatric dentistry appointment, call or Contact our experienced Buffalo dentist today.