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Do you look at other people's perfect smiles and wish that you had taken the time as a teenager to wear braces? Do you think that because you're an adult, you're "too old" for braces or maybe you don't want to be embarrassed by wearing traditional metal braces?

If these statements describe you and you live in the Buffalo, New York area, Dr. Evola and Forestream Dental Group may have just the right solution for you. Have you heard of Invisalign?

Invisalign is a system of clear, plastic aligners that move your teeth gradually with no metal and no wires. While Invisalign cannot address the severest of cases, it can address:

  • Crowding
  • Misalignment
  • Minor gaps
  • Overbites
  • Underbites
  • Crossbites

During your consultation with Dr. Evola, he will evaluate your current dental or orthodontic situation and let you know if you are a candidate for Invisalign. Except for the more severe cases, you are probably a candidate for Invisalign if your mouth and jaw have reached full development. Most people reach this stage by their mid-teens.

Benefits of Invisalign

The Invisalign aligners are virtually invisible. Most people will never notice that you're wearing them.

Other commonly-cited benefits of Invisalign:

  • Aligners are removable for cleaning, eating, drinking and special occasions.
  • Because they are removable, Invisalign maintains oral health better than other types of treatment. Traditional metal braces make it difficult to brush and floss and oral health sometimes suffers during treatment.
  • Aligners are comfortable as there are no metal brackets or wires to poke and scrape the inside of your mouth.
  • You can see the end results from the every beginning because of the computer-generated treatment plan.

If you and Dr. Evola determine that you are a candidate for Invisalign and cost is the only thing standing in your way, then consider using a third party financing company that specializes in medical and dental financing. They offer competitive rates and some companies offer no money down and interest free financing for a period of time.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a revolutionary way to straighten teeth using a series of custom-made plastic aligners. They are a great choice for adults who want straight teeth but don't want to wear traditional metal braces.

How does Invisalign work?

Invisalign utilizes a series of custom-made aligners to incrementally make changes in the positions of your teeth. CT and CAD technologies aid in the development of the comprehensive treatment plan and fabrication of the aligners. You wear each set of aligners for two weeks before moving on to the next set. When you've worn all of the aligners, your treatment is complete and you have a beautiful smile with straight teeth.

What types of dental conditions will Invisalign resolve?

Currently, Invisalign can't correct the most severe cases of teeth misalignment. It will, however, address minor and moderate cases of:

  • Overbites
  • Underbites
  • Crossbites
  • Crowding
  • Spacing
  • Misalignment

How much does Invisalign cost?

When considering any kind of cosmetic procedure, cost is an important factor. The cost range anywhere from $3,500 to $5,000 or more depending on the type of treatment you need and the length of time to complete the treatment. After your consultation with Dr. Evola, he will be able to tell you exactly what the cost will be.

Does insurance cover the cost?

If you have orthodontic coverage in your dental plan, then most likely at least some portion of Invisalign will be covered. Because we understand that cost is a factor for most people, we offer third party financing that's designed specifically for medical and dental expenses.

I have problems with TMJ. Can I use Invisalign to straighten my teeth?

Certain appliances like Invisalign can exacerbate conditions like TMJ. Your best bet is to schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Evola. He can evaluate the severity of your TMJ and then make treatment suggestions.

Our Buffalo area patients are finding that Invisalign is a wonderful tool in creating healthy and beautiful smiles. If you have crowded teeth or an overbite that needs correction, call or email Forestream Dental Group today to schedule your no-obligation complimentary Invisalign consultation with Dr. Evola in Buffalo, Amherst, Lancaster, or Williamsville, New York. We look forward to helping you achieve your goal of the perfect smile!

If you've always wanted straight teeth with no crowding and no gaps, orthodontics at Forestream Dental Group can help you. Dr. Evola's office, located in the Buffalo area, offers many dental procedure solutions for creating beautiful, straight teeth. From traditional braces to clear braces and Invisalign, we have a treatment that's right for you. Call or email us today to schedule your complimentary Invisalign consultation. We'll also be happy to evaluate your insurance to see what portion of your orthodontic treatment they will cover. Also serving the areas of Buffalo, Lancaster, Orchard Park, and Williamsville, New York.

Now that you've read a little bit about Invisalign and are maybe thinking it sounds like a great solution for you, read more about how Invisalign aligners are created and how they move and realign your teeth. If you live in Buffalo, New York, or any of the surrounding communities, feel free to call us and schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Evola to determine if Invisalign will work for you.

How Invisalign works

Your first step in perfecting your smile with Invisalign is to schedule a consultation and appointment with Dr. Evola. Once he has determined that you are a good candidate for Invisalign, getting starting is pretty easy.

  1. Dr. Evola will take an impression, or mold, of your mouth and get it ready to send to Invisalign's lab. He will also map out your treatment plan on the computer.
  2. The impression is sent to the lab where a CT scan is taken and a computerized 3-D image of your mouth is created.
  3. CAD, (Computer-Aided Design) software, creates a model that simulates the movement of your teeth from now until your treatment is complete.
  4. Dr. Evola reviews the simulation and approves or makes adjustments to the treatment plan.
  5. The aligners are fabricated from medical grade plastic and sent back to Dr. Evola.

You wear your Invisalign aligners as instructed, at least 22 hours a day. Every two weeks you will progress to the next set of aligners. Each time you switch to a new set, you may notice a little bit of tenderness as your teeth start to move again. This discomfort is minimal and lasts just a day or two.

You can remove your aligners to eat, drink, brush, floss, or for very special occasions. Dr. Evola will want to see you every four to six weeks to check up on your progress. Most people complete treatment in about 12 months.

After your treatment is complete, Dr. Evola may require that you continue to wear a plastic aligner or conventional retainer to maintain your beautiful new smile.

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