July 2018 Buffalo Cookout Basket Giveaway!

Depew Dentist Near Buffalo, Cheektowaga, Lancaster & Orchard Park

One advantage of great oral health is being able to enjoy all the fantastic food made right here in Western New York. Whether you’re diving into that fresh corn on the cob or a grilled hotdog with the works, now is the perfect time to focus on your oral health - when time and weather cooperate.

So this month, we’re holding our annual Buffalo Cookout Basket Giveaway, filled with many of your favorite Western New York summertime foods. Maybe you have a sensitive tooth that gives you pain when you drink something cold, or you want to fill the space where a tooth used to be, or your dentures just don’t fit anymore, or you’re tired of looking at that dark tooth right in the center of your smile. Well, make this the month that you come see us and take care of any concerns you may have and then go out and take a bite out of all our area has to offer. To enter to win our Buffalo Cookout Basket, just click on the link below and as always, thanks for putting your trust in us.

Giveaway Link: https://www.forestreamdental.com/giveaway