Karen's Testimonial for Dr. Larry Evola

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I had migraines, terrible migraines ... I used to get them all the time, very regularly. I thought it was just life in general. I kept having to get root canals and I actually was biting on the sides of my bottom teeth, which was really starting to wear away the enamel. So with all the other problems, I finally came to Dr. Evola's office. I'd had these problems all my life and had expressed them and talked about them and no one had ever related them to my teeth.

Karen initially came because she had some dental work she thought she needed done - some broken teeth and things like that - and as we interviewed her and talked to her, she mentioned that she was suffering from migraines, continuously. So, when we examined her we determined that there was a strong possibility that it could be related to her bite. Clicking, popping, crunching when you open or close, other symptoms may be clenching or grinding your teeth, some folks actually get pain in their neck, chipping teeth, extreme sensitivity to hot and cold, those can all be related to bite problems. Karen's a great success story, she's been pain-free for over a decade now.

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