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Dr Larry Evola - Dentist in DepewYou don’t need to be a celebrity to enjoy a show-stopping smile. Thanks to comfortable, approachable, affordable cosmetic dentistry practices such as Forestream Dental, everyone can have star-quality teeth.

Forestream Dental is located on Transit Road in Lancaster, Forestream Dental is led by cosmetic dentist Dr. Larry Evola, the only dentist in Western New York who has completed years of rigorous specialized training in cosmetic dentistry at the renowned Las Vegas Institute (LVI). Dr. Evola transforms people’s smiles every day, viewing his work as nothing less than an art form.

Dentistry Catering to Your Unique Smile

"Creating a custom smile takes an advanced skill level," Dr. Evola explains. "No smile is one-size-fits all." Besides performing the standard procedures of a general dentist – from fillings and cleanings to root canals and dental bridges – he is also a graduate of the New York University College of Dentistry and Colgate University. Unlike many general dentists, however, Dr. Evola has also completed a wide range of advanced training classes at LVI that focus exclusively on cosmetic dentistry techniques.

As Dr. Evola points out, any dentist can call themselves a cosmetic dentist, but cosmetic dentistry is not taught at regular dental schools – it requires post-graduate training in the area of dental aesthetics. An LVI student since 1999, Dr. Evola was recently asked to become an instructor at the institute, and now teaches there for several weeks every year.

A Patient’s Perspective on Our Dentist

Dr. Evola’s high level of expertise is clear to his patients. "I wanted my teeth to look better, and I’d been to one other dentist," said patient Sally Stroka. "I came to Dr. Evola for a second opinion. He listened to what I wanted and explained all of my options very clearly. He even gave me some options that I didn’t know were available."

Before scheduling a consultation, Stroka had researched Dr. Evola’s credentials and noted the extensive training he had obtained in cosmetic dentistry. As she recalls, "I knew about LVI from watching a makeover show, and I wanted someone with that level of expertise." With a waiting room that looks more like someone’s living room – complete with comfortable couches and chairs, fresh fruit, and beverages, as well as massage pads and stereo headphones on the furniture – Stroka, like many other patients, finds the atmosphere far more relaxing than anticipated. "I was immediately comfortable," said Stroka. "It’s much better than the typical dental experience." With her new porcelain veneers now in place, she reports, "I actually smile now instead of keeping my mouth covered. I’m thrilled."

Meticulous Planning for Excellent Results

Dr. Evola and his team go to great lengths to help patients understand every option available to enhance their smile. Designing a smile that you will love to see every morning and show off every day is a point of pride for Dr. Evola. "Whether it’s a simple teeth whitening procedure or a full mouth restoration, we put a lot of planning into whatever we do for each patient," he says.

While Dr. Evola and his team offer the most advanced cosmetic dental services in the region, their high-quality service is just as important as their technology. "Our staff loves what we do," says Dr. Evola. "We like working together and pampering our patients. When patients tell us that coming here isn’t like going to any other dental office, we know we’ve succeeded, and that’s our goal: to provide a total experience of care that no one else can match."

If you want to transform your smile, call our office today or schedule a consultation with Buffalo area dentist Dr. Larry Evola. Forestream Dental also serves the Amherst, Depew, Lancaster and Orchard Park areas of New York.

Our Dentist In The News

Dr. Evola was cited for his dentistry expertise in an artcle from The Buffalo News on dental implants. Dr. Evola discusses the importance of maintaining good oral hygiene and the impact your oral health has on your overall health, and some new techniques and technology in dentistry.

As you prepare for the [sugar] rush of trick-or-treating each fall, Dr. Evola and his wife prepare to hand out toothbrushes to those who ring his doorbell. As featured in The Buffalo News, Dr. Evola discusses his approach to Halloween as a professional dentist, and divulges how he celebrated Halloween as a kid himself.

Dr. Evola also made a spash in The Buffalo News in an article that reveals how your oral health could be causing your sleep apnea. As a dentist who has engaged in special training for sleep apnea for over two decades, Dr. Evola has a passion for diagnosing and treating patients with this life-threatening disorder.

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