Dental Crown

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Dr. Larry Evola is a cosmetic dentist who serves Buffalo, New York and neraby areas. He has been offering dental crowns for many years. When tooth decay requires treatment beyond the scope of a filling and yet the root is still healthy, a crown is usually the answer.

Dental crowns are used to:

  • Restore a fractured tooth
  • Cover badly shaped or discolored teeth
  • Replace a lost tooth (when placed on an implant)
  • Protect weak teeth
  • Attach a bridge

Types of Dental Crowns

Crowns can be made in three different ways.

  • Porcelain crowns - the most natural in appearance because of their transparent properties. They are strong and durable.
  • Gold crowns - Gold is very durable but obviously not as aesthetically pleasing as porcelain, which looks like your natural tooth. Gold is more durable than porcelain on chewing surfaces so it is sometimes preferable when a molar needs a crown. Dr. Evola will determine what's best for your situation.
  • Porcelain fused-to-metal - These crowns have a metal, sometimes gold, lining inside the porcelain exterior. They are natural looking because the porcelain is on the outside and more durable than porcelain alone because of the metal lining. One caution for these types of crowns is that as the years pass and your gums start to recede, the metal lining can show as a dark line along the gum line, thus negating the aesthetic look that you first wanted to achieve.

Porcelain Dental Crown Procedure

Porcelain crowns can be created and placed in just two visits to Dr. Evola's office.

  1. During your first visit, the tooth is prepared by removing all the damaged or decayed portions. Then an impression, or mold, of the tooth is taken and sent to the dental lab where your crown will be custom-made. During the two weeks that it takes to create the porcelain crown, Dr. Evola can fit a temporary crown to cover that tooth, protecting it and giving you a better chewing surface.
  2. In your second visit, Dr. Evola attaches the new crown temporarily, and has you bite down to test the crown's shape. If necessary, he'll do some fine-tuning to make sure your bite is comfortable. When both you and he are satisfied, he'll use dental cement to permanently attach the crown, and it becomes your new tooth.

Dr. Evola and his staff offer complimentary consultations to evaluate your dental needs and to determine the right course of action for you. If you suspect you need a new tooth crown or it's time to replace an old crown, call or email cosmetic dentist, Dr. Evola today. We will be happy to schedule an appointment for you and we'll also check any insurance coverage you have to help with the cost of your new crown. We happily serve clients in the Buffalo, Amherst, Orchard Park, and Williamsville, New York areas.